Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & Mcphee Lakes, Elk Ridge Resort & Boreal Forest Region

Building Movers

Zak’s Building Supplies & Contracting Henry Zacharias (306)225-2288 Building & moving RTM homes/cottages.
Modern Building Movers Lloyd Saworski (306)922-4888 Building Mover
Anderson Building Movers (1996) Ltd. William Johnson (306)764-0512 Lifts and lowers on new foundations, moving or removing buildings.
Neufeld Building Movers Ltd. Kerry Neufeld (306)931-2249 Building Mover
Double Iron General Inc.(Air Ride Building Movers) Chad & Mardell Clark (306)747-3363 Building Movers/Foundation Prep


Pristine Countertops Len Herman (306)653-9177 Installation of Laminate, Granite, and Quartz Countertops.
J&C Stone Cutters Inc. Jay Fehr (306)940-6821 Granite Countertops, Flooring
Prince Albert Co-op Home Centre Carol Boettcher (306)764-6491 Flooring installation
Cirrus Woodworks Rob Kelly (306)764-5005 Carpenter/Furniture Maker


Tash Contracting Ltd. Adam Tash (306)953-8282 Supply & Install Flooring
Ashly Cabinets & Windows (Jar Investments Ltd. ) Mike St. Amand/Rick Kugler (306)763-4707 Manufacture/Installation of Cabinets and Windows


Redl Cabinetry Inc. Clint Ekdahl (306)665-0806 Cabinet Manufacturing & Installation
E.T. Flooring & Design Shelley or Brad LeMoal (306)763-2424 Flooring/Window Covering



G & R Holdings Inc. Greg Adams (306)982-3103 Seasonal R.V Park, Mini-Golf & Food Concession
Cowie Grocery Inc. Craig Cowie (306)982-3378 Seasonal Mobile Home Park
Kinasao Lutheran Bible Camp Kari Alford (306)982-3327 Camp and Conference Centre
Sunnyside Resort Ltd. Doug & Lana Oftedal (306)982-4624 Trailer Park


Pine Star Enterprises Ltd. Fred Roy (306)961-0707 Screw pile installation and supply.
Swift Sure Screw Piles Kevin Turner (306)747-7461 Screw Piles
101194007 SK LTD Rob Mackin (306)961-5055 Concrete Finisher/Cribber & Construction.
Titan Construction Inc. Jay Fehr (306)763-4334 Foundation and Concrete
Innovative Piling Solutions Ltd. Rob Cote (306)384-3700 Piling Foundation Contractor


Vertical Force Screwpiles & Construction Kevin LePage (306)940-7875 Excavating/Demolition/ Screw Piles
Dun-Rite Construction Ltd. Dave Penner 306-222-5853 Concrete Construction
Highmark Foundations Ltd. Michelle (306)229-0299 Foundations
Brodie’s Concrete Brodie Wiser (306)961-2179 Concrete Finishing


G & P Plumbing & Heating Inc. Gavin or Patricia Martens (306)764-7414 Plumber, Pipefitter, Gasfitter
TC Electric Luc Robin (306)764-3524 Electrical
Asiil Enterprises Ltd. Maureen Kugler (306)764-7900 Electrical Contractor
Spruce Home Plumbing Les Graham (306)960-6747 Plumbing/Construction/Heating
EIR Contracting Bruce Anonson (306)981-2770 Electrical
Danny Boy’s Plumbing Dan or Kathleen Freychet (306)982-2330 Plumbing & Heating
Sweeney Electric Dan Sweeney (306)763-4212 Electrical Contractor
High Power Electric Ltd. Greg or Jean Ramage (306)764-7052 Electrical Contractor
J & H Electric Jake Verbonac (306)747-9073 Electrician
AR Plumbing & Heating Dawn or Cal or Gerald (306)764-2826 Duct work, H-Vac Install and Servicing, Plumbing Install and Repairs
Lakeside Electric Shawn Neuman (306)922-5515 Electrical Contractor
Randall’s Plumbing and Heating Randall Stone (306)961-9041 Plumbing, Heating, Gas Fitting, and Excavating.
RM Mechanical Rick Martens (306)960-9344 Plumbing and Heating
S.O.S. Electrical (1998) Ltd. (306)764-2443 (306)764-2443 Electrical equipment service and installation.


Thorpe Brothers Ltd. Bill, Don, David or Betty Thorpe (306)763-8454 Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and roofing.
Carbin Contracting Ltd. Monique/Sheldon Moe (306)747-4999 Electrical Contractor
J.K. Plumbing and Heating Jody Keyowski (306)747-7756 Plumbing and Heating
Saunders Electric Ltd. Don Saunders (306)763-6642 Electrical Contractor
Lehner Electric Inc. Brad Lehner (306)961-4644 Electrician/Excavating/Snow Removal
Jax Plumbing & Gasfitting Jack Mukli (306)980-9912 Plumber/Gasfitter
Sawchuk Plumbing & Heating Terry Sawchuk (306)764-6290 Plumbing
306 Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Doug Thiessen, Randy Chow (306)229-9373 Plumbing & Heating
A-Team Electric Ltd. Jeff Verbeke/Todd Pettapiece (306)261-1291 Electrical


Dmyterko Enterprises Ltd. Perry Dmyterko (306)764-0336 Earth Excavating, Sewer, Water, Gravel Hauling.
Lakeland Excavating Services Ltd. Kevin Hoodle (306)960-5200 SITE PREPARATION & EXCAVATION – Landscaping, Demolition, Septic Installs, Retaining Walls, Shore-line Alterations, Drainage Solutions, Gravel, Rock & Sand Products, Snow Removal
Akita Enterprises Ray Krawzyck (306)961-5778 Excavation, Gravel, Firewood, Wood Chips


Meeks Enterprises Inc. Devin Meeks (306)961-1213 Excavation and sewer systems.
Phil Sumners Holdings Phil Sumners (306)961-4219 Excavation, Dozer, and Compactor Services.
North Country Skidsteer Services Shane Willis (306)930-7769 Landscaping, excavating, tree removal
Thompson Excavating Lorne Thompson (306)747-5698 Excavating, Demolition, Screw Piles
BackPhil Skid Steer Phillip Olson (306)373-0657 Landscaping/excavation/demo/ snow removal
Lakeland Vista Resort Chris Fossenier (306)500-8410 Lakeland Vista provides excavation services, septic & water tanks, hauling (gravel, sand, topsoil), tree moving, tree removal, Leveling, backfilling, and out-door storage.


ACI Contracting Ltd. Steven Abramyk (30)980-9887 General Earthmoving
Albers Excavating Denver Albers (306)940-6835 Landscaping/Excavating

Exterior Finishing

Barry’s Eavestroughing & Exteriors Ltd. Barry Larson (306)220-0157 Soffit, fascia, eavestroughing, cladding & siding installation.
Black Dog Roofing Adam Kerley (306)763-3312 Supply and install shingles.
Wingert Exteriors Trevor Wingert (306)763-4814 Building Exterior Renovations
Burlaka Construction Eruine Burlaka (306)989-4446 Stucco/Carpentry
JB Exteriors Justin Beaulac (306)981-6201 Exterior Finishing
Fine Edge Roofing Ltd. Perry Kenke (306)227-7220 Roofing


JD Excavating Inc. Dean Carruthers (306)960-7547 Landscaping, sand & gravel
Gardens by Design Lane Bullied or Nicole de la Gorgendiere (306)981-5961 Landscape Design/ Build Contractor. You may view our portfolio at:


Arbour Crest Tree Services Ltd. Robin Adair (306)242-8733 Arborist/ Landscaping


Gord Wilkinson Trucking Ltd. Gordon Wilkinson (306)764-7283 Trucking of sand & gravel
Denny’s Miniature Landscaping Denis Daughton (306)982-4686 Yard >up keep and Landscaping
Ace Bobcatting Service Don Moore (306)922-6021 Landscaping
Borysiuk Contracting Kyle Borysiuk (306)763-0911 Landscaping, Gravel, Mulching.
Fremont Gravel & Landscaping Lloyd Fremont (306)981-4923 Gravel and Landscaping
Terry Barlow Terry Barlow (306)982-4801 Bobcat & Gravel Contractor
LePage Landscaping Kevin LePage (306)982-2167 Excavating, Demolition, and Screwpiles.
Brent Selander Brent Selander (306)982-3600 Yard and Beach Services
Prairie Oasis Landscaping Inc. Blair or Cory Thomas (306)922-3400 Landscaping


Summer’s Past Greenhouse Leisja Horseman (306)982-2690 Greenhouse/Florist
Tim Heinrichs Tim Heinrichs (306)960-9927 Landscaping
Cottage Country Green Works Services Dale Barth (306)981-4909 Yard Maintenance, Tree Services
Expert Excavating Ltd. Gary Mongovius (306)982-4000 Earthwork, Gravel/Sand
R & B Skidsteer Services (2014) Keith LaHaye (306)961-6553 Landscaping/Excavating/Snow removal

General Contractors

Cedar Creek Custom Homes Ltd. Richard or Jennifer Knappe (306)930-8345 New home construction and renovations.
Beaton & Bruised Contracting Blaine Hewitt (306)961-6544 General Carpentry
DMB Carpentry & Construction Michelle Hydamacka (306)929-4708 Carpentry, new construction, renovations, restorations
First General Services(PA) Ltd. Denise Horan (306)764-7000 Restoration/Construction
Quinnalan Jaimes Contracting Jaimie Smith-Windsor (306)663-5744 Construction, Renovations, & Property Management
C-Berg Construction Curtis Wiberg (306) 960-4216 Carpentry, New Construction, Renovations and Restorations
Sun Beam Valley Log and Timber Thomas Smith (306)763-5727 Log Home Construction
Ridge Construction Ltd. Dan Levesque (306)961-9329 Construction
Chris McShannock Chris McShannock (306)960-3084 General Contractor, Snow Removal, General Yard Maintenance, New Construction and Renovations, plumbing
Bryan Construction Ryan Holtslag or Bryn Howland (306)961-6589 Framing, Finishing, and General Contracting.
G.R.W. Contracting Glen Wozniak (306)922-6200, (306)922-2111, (306)961-9960 General Contracting
Beaulac Construction John Beaulac (306)961-6371 Contracting, Framing and Concrete Work
Jones E Property Maintenance Scott or Karen Jones (306)382-4313 Cleaning, Maintenance, Windows, Eaves troughs, Spider Web Removal
The Energy Doctor (B.M. Industries Inc) Bruce Morley (306)764-5455 Windows, Doors, Sunrooms, Roofing, Siding, Hot Tubs
Duret Construction Guy Duret (306)960-2694 General Contractor
Carriere Renovations Jim Carriere (306)221-1272 Renovations
Miller Contracting Ltd. Joe Yungwirth or Dan Yungwirth (306)763-1907 General Contracting.


Tudor Homes (J&H Homes) Jonathon Neufeld (306)652-5322 General Contractor/Builder


Big “O” Ole Norgaard (306)961-9914 General Contractor
Kenzie Excavating Chris Bender (306)960-7262 General Contractor
Nuesch Holdings Ltd. Christoph Nuesch (306)221-7991 General Contractor
White Tailed Moose Construction Jody Ritthaler (306)763-6212 General Contractor
River Ridge Homes Perry Keinke (306)227-7220 New Home Construction/ Renovation


Wiberg Construction Bernie Wiberg (306)989-4308 General Contractor
Henry’s Construction Wayne Henry (306)747-3231 Construction
Northern Wood Works Ltd Brian Gauthier (306)961-6479 Carpentry
Ironwood Construction Travis Kerunsky (306)980-5828 General Contractor
Ramage Construction Brad Ramage (306)961-5422 Construction
Dan Watt Construction Tim Degelman or Dan Watt (306)987-3000 General Contractor
Titan Mechanical Ltd. Barry West/ Jay Fehr (306)940-8480 Plumbing Contractor
Northern Sky Developments Inc. Terry Kostyna (306)931-0999 Construction
Micro Construction Ltd. Mike Levesque (306)292-4654 General Contractor
Wieblt Construction Services Ltd. Elvis or Cindy Wiebe (306)955-7741 Modular Set-ups
Silverback Construction Inc. Kym Evenson (306)220-7867 General Contracting
345 Construction Inc. Lenard Morin (306)970-8591 General Contractor
Nor-Bern Enterprises Bernard Wiegers (306)961-5707 General Contractor, Residential Construction
Lumber Giants Lucas Harriman (306)960-1135 Framer
Quality Roofing Martin Taylor (306)550-6914 Shingling and Roofing
306 Roofing & Renovations Inc. Jennifer & Brett McLean (306)421-5541 Construction/Roofing & Renovating
North Lake Construction Ltd. Blake Labuik (306)961-7467 Construction/Renovations
Pipestone Creek Consulting Inc. Darryl Sande (306)763-3033 General Contractor/Construction
Wildwood Construction Ltd. Sean Gareau (306)940-7018 Construction
625159 Saskatchewan Ltd. Charlie Chapman (306)281-9370 Construction
JDQ Construction Jon Quiring (306)930-2720 Construction
Brody McDowell Brody McDowell (306)960-1925 Carpentry
McDonald Home Repair Ltd. Doug or June McDonald (306)343-0236 Construction
Forest Gate Sheet Metal Gerry Markel (306)982-3126 Install Heating Systems/Home Maintanance
Randall Haubrich Randall Haubrich (306)982-2441 General Contractor
GBK Carpentry Ltd. Garth Kaglea (306)961-3332 Contractor
DF Enterprises Ltd. Dave Fehr (306)281-6430 Contractor/construction
Edge Property Service Joey Hanson (306)980-5497 Property Maintenance/Repair & Install Roofing/Gutter
Debes Enterprises Inc. Bernie Sprung (306)683-0637 Construction/Heating & Cooling
Danbo Construction Ltd. Daniel Manary (306)314-9846 Contractor
D.A.K. Contracting Inc. Dale Kormos (306)980-7596 Construction
Prairie Brothers Construction Ltd. Cody Walker/Brock Walters (306)981-4966 Construction Services
Greenland Waste Rodney Beatty (306)763-3133 Waste Removal
Red Spruce Homes Inc. Aaron Fehr (306)281-5762 Home Builder & Related Services
Loraas Enviromental Services Ltd. Diane Herzog (306)763-6800 “Waste/Recycling/Construction & Fencing

Golf Courses

Elk Ridge Golf & Conference Centre Rob Thurmeier (306)663-4653 Golf, conference & Hotel Centre

Excavation & Contracting

Emma Lake Golf Course (Viewcrest Investments) Ross Ethier (306)982-2054 Golf Course

Website http://emmalakegolf.com/


Flora Bora Forest Lodging Justin or Karen Wasylyk (306)982-3370 Lodging Rentals
Billay Enterprises Ltd. Lisa Billay (306)982-3333 Motel, Bar, Licenced Dining
Jacobson Bay Outfitters Deborah Greening (306)982-4478 Bed and Breakfast


Greenline Spray Foam Installation Ltd. Conrad Lehmond (306)764-1634 Spray Foam Installation
Foam Performance Insulating Services Jason or Shane Thomas (306)276-8501 Spray foam insulation and sound proofing.


Hubel Insulating (1995) Ltd. Robert Miller (306)763-7854 Insulating
Fitzpatrick Insulating (Ella Enterprises Ltd.) Lloyd Fitzpatrick (306)982-4249 Insulating
Poly Plus Insulators Inc. Cliff Warlow & Christine Brizard (306)931-7764 Insulation Services


Cornerstone Insurance Services Inc. Tim Longworth (306)763-8635 General Insurance Sales & Motor Licence Issuing


Internet Services

GL Communication Sky Velocity Bobbi (306)922-1170 Communications Provider, High Speed Wireless Internet
Extreme Theatre Inc. Justin Gutka (306)960-2500 Home Automation, Satellite Services, Internet Services


Mike Saunders Mike Saunders (306)747-5791 Drywall, Paint
Lakeridge Drywall Inc. Glen Pickard (306)960-9446 Drywalling
Dayspring Painting & Custom Finishing Ltd. Stephen & Kelly MacDonald (306)922-5517 Painting
Accurate Painting Mike Gammon (306)940-4431 Painting

Real Estate

Terry Mason Real Estate (2004) Ltd. Terry or Barbara Mason (306)922-1420 Listing, Selling, Leasing Real EState Service
Century 21 Prestige Real Estate(K. Wouters Realty Ltd.) Kevin Wouters (306)764-4456 Real Estate Sales
Advantage Real Estate Services Inc. Duane Braaten (306)922-9070 Real Estate Services
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service Donna Ray (306)445-5555 Real Estate


Coldwell Banker ResCom Realty PA Amy Honch (306)764-3141 Real Estate


Rosthern Agencies Ron Regehr (306)232-5525 Real Estate


Remax P.A. Realty Twyla Gariepy (306)763-1133 Real Estate
Hallmark Realty & Associates Ltd. Don McIvor (306)241-7260 Real Estate
Royal Lepage Icon Realty Lou Doderai & Carmen Cartier (306)922-5322 Real Estate


Sunset Bay Resort Lawrence Minshull (306)982-3111 Cabin/Motel Rental, Trailer Sites, Restaurant, Marina



Ambrose Grocery (101032151 SK Ltd.) Treena McAlpine (306)982-4224 Retail/Grocery/Gift
Fern’s Grocery (7050330 Canada Inc.) Randy Roth (306)982-2006 Grocery, Fast Food, Pizza, Gas
Frontrunner Footwear Debbie Kellet (306)763-7230 Footwear, Handbags, and Jewellery
LT’s Food and Fuel Theresa Cam (306)663-5544 Gas Station, Restaurant, Bar, Rental Accommodation, and Confectionary.
Décor and More (610494 Saskatchewan Ltd.) Dave Tucker (306)764-5168 Sales of Décor
Playasol Clothing & Active Wear Larry Henry (306)940-6942 Children’s, Men’s, Women’s Activewear


Absolute Identification Security & Investigation Dan Webb (306)764-7066 Security & Investigation
Sure Innovations Sean Sullivan (306)974-0888 Home Audio/Video, Home Automation Installation
8577439 Canada Ltd. (Fluent Home Ltd) Tyler Poirier/Kevin Rogers (905)359-6876 Home Security System
Scan-Tech Alarm Systems Ltd. Jacqueline Cyr (306)922-4848 Sales & Installation of Alarm & Camera Systems



JR Storage Roy Stanoffsky (306)982-3662 Storage, Detailing, and Repairs


Meridian Surveys Ltd. Sharon Wright (306)934-1818 Land Surveyor
T. Webb Surveys Inc. Tom Webb (306)955-5330 Legal Land Surveyor

Tree Removal

Sawyer’s Trees & Landscapes Ken Mourre (306)244-8906 Tree Removal
A Cut Above Tree Removal Sean Corrigan (306)980-7354 Arborist, Tree and Stump Removal
Ever Green Arborist Bevin Andres (306)982-2034 Tree Service

Water/Septic Haulers

OSS Septic – Septic Pump and Haul Service (306) 982-4884 Septic Pump and Haul Service
Hillside Springs Water Pete Lafaver (306)982-2122 Water Hauling
PR Septic Services(1997) Ltd. Lance or Lori Fehr (306)982-4544 or (306)982-4816 Liquid waste removal/city water hauling, Flood Management
Bob’s Custom Water Hauling Bob Jenkins (306)764-8110 Water Hauler