Lakeland Rec Board

Christopher Lake Assoc

CPL Recreation

CPL Recreation: Building Community Spirit

(Village of Christopher Lake, R.M. of Paddockwood, District of Lakeland)

Partnership: CPL Recreation is a partnership of three communities: Village of Christopher Lake, District of Lakeland, and R.M. of Paddockwood. The CPL Committee consists of up to six voting members, with the member municipalities each appointing up to two representatives, with responsibility for oversight of CPL Recreation plans, programs, services, and finances, and the hiring and duties of the recreation director.

Vision: CPL promotes and fosters growth of a region engaged in diverse sport, culture, and recreation programming that is accessible by all.

Mission: CPL promotes, provides, facilitates, and supports sport, culture and recreation programs that contribute to community health and quality of life.


  • Access to sport, culture, and recreation programs in our communities
  • Staff and volunteers
  • The support and uniqueness of our communities / partnership
  • Our natural environment
  • Our infrastructure
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Open communication


Diana Bird, Recreation Director

Office Phone: 306.930.1597

Cell Phone: 306.982.3309

CPL Recreation, Box 27, Christopher Lake S0J 0N0

Committee Members:
Bauer Hyde, Cheryl
Corriveau, Louise

Daughton, Denis

Smart, Brandy