The Natural Edge Program is an option for lakefront property owners who want to follow up on the Love Your Lake survey. Lake health is affected by numerous sources, whether it’s pollution, aquatic invasive species or shoreline development. While developing a shoreline isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are ways to help maintain the integrity and health of shores. The shoreline is a buffer zone of vegetation acting as a natural filter and reinforcement to prevent things like erosion, nutrient loading or eutrophication. It also provides habitat for native species part of the local ecosystem, promoting diversity.

You can read more about natural edge projects here, but below we have images of the project done in McIntosh Point on Emma Lake.

The Shoreline at Work Demonstration Site

The Shorelines at Work Demonstration Site is part of the project “Emma Lake Action & Understanding”. The 3,600 ft2 site is located at Emma Lake, north of McIntosh Point along Agnes St. The site is open to the public and embraces natural shorelines while serving as public access for snowmobiling and dock access. Its goal is to promote the benefits of native vegetation along shorelines and to inspire others to plant more native species on their properties. Prior to planting, the site had significant erosion and monoculture grass.

The lakeshore before the project began:

This project was completed with the help of our volunteers, and members of EAC.

A total of 80 plants were planted in 2019 with plans to plant additional plants in 2020. A large educational sign will also be added to the site in Spring 2020.