Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes, and a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.

Environmental Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to positively alter the attitude and behaviours of all users of Lakeland such that everyone is aware, engaged to respect and protect the natural environment.

Its role is to advise, monitor, implement, report on portions of the District of Lakeland Environmental Management Plan as directed and approved by Council, and to consult with ratepayers, representatives from government agencies, non-government organizations such as PARCS and environmental bodies, as required.

Membership consists of no less than 6 members and no more than 10 members appointed annually.

Committee Members

  • Keith Dahl
  • Lois Dredger
  • Wayne Hyde
  • Daryl Jessop
  • Tom Laxdal
  • Jacquie Moore
  • Fred Remillard

District Councilors:

  • Chair: Mary Sawchuk
  • Jim Rudolph

Since inception, this committee has:

  • With the support of the cottage associations, designed and implemented the water quality testing program monitoring the Saskatchewan Surface Water Quality Objectives for the protection of aquatic life and for recreation and aesthetics.
  • Planned and hosted the “Nurture Nature in Lakeland”.
  • Supported recycling efforts (multi-stream).
  • Developed numerous informational pieces regarding shoreline damage caused by the wake from watercraft, impacts of grey water, living in bear country, dark sky lighting, environmentally friendly fertilizer, etc.
  • Purchased and installed “no wake” signage, as well as “nesting” signage (sensitive areas).
  • Oversaw development of the Environmental Management Plan in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan Department of Environment and Sustainability (SENS).
  • Love Your Lake
  • Mussel monitoring
  • Working with Sask Polytechnic and North SK River Basin Council, initiated the Emma Lake Nutrient Study – currently ongoing.