Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & Mcphee Lakes, Elk Ridge Resort & Boreal Forest Region

Environmental Advisory Committee

In January 2009, the District of Lakeland #521 established an Environmental Advisory Committee:

  • To advise the Council on environmental issues within the District.  These issues may come from the Council, cottage/community/condo associations, committee members, government and other agencies, or individual ratepayers.
  • The Committee consults and works with representatives from government and non-government agencies such as SK Environment and PARCS, environmental and other community groups.
  • Membership consists of up to two people from each of our four lakes (Anglin, Christopher, Emma, McPhee) and/or cottage owner/community (condo) associations, and at least one District Councillor appointed annually.

Committee members are:

District Councillors: Cheryl Bauer Hyde
Karen Bosker  (Chair)
Anglin Lake: Karee Davidson
Marcia Klein
Christopher Lake: VACANT
Emma Lake: Tom Laxdal
Wayne Hyde
McPhee Lake: VACANT
Member at Large: Daryl Jessop
Keith Dahl
Jacquie Moore

Since inception, this committee has:

  • With the support of the cottage associations, designed and implemented a water quality testing program to monitor the overall health of our lakes.The parameters being tested have all been found to be within the Saskatchewan Surface Water Quality Objectives for the protection of aquatic life and for recreation and aesthetics.
  • Supported recycling efforts (paper/cardboard and new in 2011 – plastics).
  • Developed a brochure to educate boaters of the shoreline damage caused by the wake from their boats and personal watercrafts.
  • Purchased and erected “no wake” signage, as well as “nesting” signage to educate that bird nesting sites, are sensitive areas
  • Planned and hosted the “Nurture Nature in Lakeland Day” in 2010 and 2011 to promote environmental awareness in the Lakeland area.