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Environmental Management Plan

In the fall of 2013 the District of Lakeland, in conjunction with the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), submitted an application to the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Environment and Sustainability to engage the services of a graduate student. This student would assist the municipality in developing a sustainable long term Environmental Management Plan for the municipality.

The District was fortunate in being accepted for the University program from among 60 applicants and the services of graduate student Kyle Young were obtained. Throughout the latter half of 2013 and into the fall of 2014 the EAC, with support from the District of Lakeland and with input from the Ministry of Environment, held many meetings to provide sufficient background information for the development of the plan. Throughout the discussions, numerous issues were identified that represented a concern for the municipality and the EAC in terms of water quality, forest management and watershed protection. These issues include the number and operation of watercraft, regional development, shoreline alterations, lake water quality and the degradation of ecologically sensitive areas, among others.

The Environmental Management Plan identifies and prioritizes these concerns so that the municipality may work towards eliminating or reducing the detrimental effects and thus providing a sustainable plan for future generations. Sincere thanks and appreciation go out to the members of the EAC who took the time to volunteer their time and ideas in the development and future implementation of this plan.
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Committee Reports

EAC Report September 2018

Emma Lake Nutrient Study: Collection of summer data and bottom sampling went very well. There was no recreational boat use analysis this summer, this will be referred to 2019…

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EAC Report July 2018

Wayne Hyde reported that the nutrient study is progressing well. He is pleased with all the volunteer assistance he is receiving…

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EAC Report May 2018

Grant applications to Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan) for our water project has been approved for $13,500…

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EAC Report March 2018

Daryl Jessop had sent in a written report about an incident of an ATV in the water at Murray Point. Our Lakeland Protective Services (LDPS)…

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