Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes; the Organized Hamlet of Elk Ridge & a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.


  • CodeRED is for property in the District of Lakeland only.
  • Create your profile from a Windows or Mac computer; not a tablet or smartphone.
  • You only need to create one profile per household. Multiple email addresses and phone #’s for notification can be included on one profile.
  • Create a ‘Managed Account‘ so you can update your profile information in the future.
  • If you did not request alert notifications via email, enter your email address under ‘Account Creation’ so that you can use the CodeRED password recovery feature.
  • You can download the CodeRED mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • CodeRED Mobile Weather Alert App will NOT alert you of severe weather warnings in Canada.
  • More detailed instructions on creating a CodeRED profile are available in our “Step by Step” brochure
  • If you do not have a computer or would like assistance creating a profile, visit the Wapiti Regional Library (Christopher Lake) in the District Office Wednesdays 1-7:00pm, Thursdays 1-7:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Click here to enroll online 
  • Click here to download the printable enrolment form
  • Click here to read the FAQs about CodeRED enrolment
  • Click here to read the FAQs about the CodeRED system