Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & Mcphee Lakes, Elk Ridge Resort & Boreal Forest Region

Building Inspection Requirements

  1. Footing Inspection
    a. Footings are poured
  2. Pre-backfill inspection- concrete foundation
    a. Damp proofing is completed on the exterior of the foundation
    b. Weeping tile is in place
  3. Pre-backfill inspection – wood foundation
    a. Poly is in place on exterior with protective cover
    b. Adequate bracing has been installed
  4. Real Property Report (RPR)
    a. Is required prior to framing the building
    b. The RPR must include all buildings, fences and encroachments on the lot
  5. Framing inspection before poly and insulation installed
    a. Framing of the main structure is complete including stairs but prior to insulation/vapour barrier/drywall
    b. Shingling may or may not be started / completed
    c. Windows and doors are installed
    d. Exterior finish may or may not be started / completed
    e. Rough-in for electrical, plumbing and heating has been completed
  6. Poly and insulation inspection
    a. Insulation has been installed in all exterior walls, floor joists, roof joists, cantilevers and areas over the garage
    b. Poly has been installed and sealed
    c. Drywall has not been installed
  7. Final inspection
    a. Interior items completed including hand and guard rails, stairs, door closers, bridging, insulation in attic, ventilation, etc.
    b. Exterior items completed including cladding, soffits, eaves, downspouts, grading, stairs, hand and guard rails, etc.


It is the responsibility of the property owner to contact the building inspector to book inspections.

Notice of 48 hours must be given for inspections.