In 2017, sampling trips were made to Anglin, Christopher, Emma and McPhee lakes to collect physical parameter data at sites located centrally on each of the lakes. At each of these sites a depth profile method was used to collect data on the following parameters in the water column: water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and transparency data (Secchi depth). In September, a water sample was collected at Anglin, Christopher, Emma and McPhee Lakes which was analyzed by the Saskatchewan Research Council in Saskatoon.

This program utilizes a number of volunteers at each of the lakes to provide assistance and boat transportation to the sampling locations. The District of Lakeland thanks the following individuals: Al Christensen at Anglin Lake, Wayne Bartel at Christopher Lake, Wayne Hyde at Emma Lake, and Pauline and Louis Smith and Craig Foster at McPhee Lake.

The 2017 data collected at all of the sampling locations remained consistent with the previous data obtained at these sites. All of the data collected met the provincial objectives for Recreation and Aesthetics and for the protection of Aquatic Life.

During the 2017 season, weed and algae growth but primarily algae growth on Emma Lake was the dominant concern raised by cottage owners to the District office. Some of the shallow bays on Emma Lake and the second or middle lake experienced heavy and highly visible algae blooms. The Water Security Agency water quality section was consulted on numerous occasions and they indicated that this higher than normal algae condition occurred throughout the province on a large number of lakes this season. They also indicated that the prime contributors to this growth on prairie lakes with high natural nutrient levels was a long period of warm temperatures and low precipitation.

Wayne Hyde
Environmental Advisory Committee