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Mobile Food Vendor Application

In August 2019, the District of Lakeland wrote a policy for mobile food vendors. The purpose is to provide detail of minimum operational requirements for mobile food vendors so to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and public eating establishment standards. This policy is intended to assist in achieving the most optimum food safety and consumer protection in the course of mobile food service delivery as well as acknowledge local commercial businesses interests.

This Policy applies to the Following
a) Mobile Food Bicycles,
b) Mobile Food Carts,
c) Mobile Food Trailers
d) Mobile Food Trucks,
e) Mobile food Vendors, and
f) Non-Permanent Food Service Structures.

This Policy shall not apply to a Mobile Food Vendor whose operation is being conducted in conjunction with an approved special event, fair, or festival.

Click here to download the full application.

In addition to providing the materials for the above application, you are required to get a business licence.

The District of Lakeland’s business licence has an initial fee of $200 for the remaining calendar year, then a $100 renewal fee for each consecutive year afterward. A Term Licence is available for work taking five consecutive days or less and with a value of less than $5000. Please view the bylaw for more details.

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