Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes, and a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.

Public Works

The Manager of Public Works department and staff report to and follow the direction of District of Lakeland Administrator and Council. The current manager is Ernest Locke. To report road conditions to Public Works please leave a message at the office phone number; 306-982-2010. You will be forwarded directly to public works. You can also email office@www.lakeland521.ca.

Landfills and Lagoon

The District of Lakeland manages the lagoon southwest of Emma Lake and the Transfer Station there, as well as closing the old landfill at that location. You can read about the transfer station here, including hours.

Bear-Proof Bins

In May 2021, the District changed Greenland’s Waste contract in response to years of bear complaints. Instead of individual pickup, larger bear-proof bins will be placed in strategic locations. The brown bins are meant for household waste only, and at each location is a blue recycle bin as well. Read the FAQ regarding the changeover here, the transition period covers June and July 2021.

The bins are picked up more frequently on busy weeks such as May-long-weekend, but they are not designed to take sudden large loads such as construction waste. Taking such things to the bins is a violation, please take large loads directly to the transfer station.

Snow Dump Sites

In the winter, Snow Dump Sites are been set up in two areas of the District where residents can haul clean snow from driveways and yards;

  • Emma Lake Transfer Station – drive to end of landfill road past the Transfer Station, snow dump is located just West of lagoon;
  • Overflow parking lot across from Bells Beach.

Pushing or dumping snow onto or into Public Reserves, across road ways or road allowances, and private property (without written permission) is prohibited.

Other Public Works

Public Works is additionally responsible for road maintenance, cleanup of beaches, public reserves, drainage systems, and signage around the District of Lakeland. This department also maintains and operates equipment owned by the District of Lakeland. Please phone our office number to be forwarded or email office@www.lakeland521.ca to bring any noted issue to Public Works.

Public Works Updates

Public Works reports to council, those updates can be read in the agenda each month. The following are additional project updates.

Fall 2021 – Tree Removal

The District of Lakeland has marked trees on the edges of roadways to be removed this fall. The trees are being removed for a variety of reasons, most commonly because they are diseased, they are cracked due to windstorm stress, they are bug-infested, or they are already dead. Tree removal will allow for easier snow clearing in winter and prevent treefall risks.

Wherever possible when the wood is in good condition for firewood, Public Works leaves it for pickup after removing branches. If there is insufficient space, the wood is taken to the transfer station. Wood is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you note a tree on municipal reserve that is diseased or dead, please contact office@www.lakeland521.ca with details, or phone 982-2010. If you have trees on your property that need to be removed, please acquire a development permit by emailing permits@www.lakeland521.ca.

What is allowed in the bear-proof bins?

A summary of acceptable and unacceptable wastes for bear-proof bins and recycle bins. The transfer station is open 9-5 daily until the end of August and available for many types of waste inappropriate for the bins.

June 26 Information Meeting

The District of Lakeland #521 intends to undertake improvements to the portion of Neis Drive adjacent to 236 Neis Drive to 344 Neis Drive and to the intersection of Neis Drive and Janice Place. The construction will be completed in 2021. Public meeting will be held on June 26th at 10am, the head of public works and the engineer on the project will be available to answer questions.