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Emergency Response Plan


The purpose of this Emergency Response Plan is to provide for a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies or disasters affecting our District. This Emergency Plan does not apply to those day-to-day situations that are dealt with by Emergency First Responders. This Emergency Plan will be used for events beyond the realm of normal for each response service. Planning, in relation to an emergency situation, may be defined as the process of anticipating the need for the application of resources and manpower plus determining the methods of obtaining and applying these resources at the right time to achieve stated aims. As such, the contents of this Emergency Response Plan provide only guidance to the local government.


The goal of the Emergency Response Plan is to provide the earliest possible coordinated response in order that the following objectives are assured:

  • Prevent or limit the loss of life,
  • Prevent or limit the loss of property,
  • Prevent or limit the damage to the environment,
  • The restoration of essential services.


The responsibility for the health and welfare of its citizens rests with the elected officials of our District. Every municipality must be prepared to meet the threat that may arise from emergencies or disasters. The Emergency Plan does not override the responsibility of emergency services (Police, Fire, and EMS) to take warranted extraordinary action within their scope of responsibility in the event of an emergent situation for the safety and well being of the community. Each individual has a responsibility to have in place an individual or family plan to deal with a community crisis. The preparation of the municipal Emergency Plan should encourage individuals and families to prepare their own plan and the role of local government is to support these efforts through the distribution of information and educational opportunities.

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