Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes, and a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.


The operation of the municipality is led by the Administrator. There are five main departments within the district. They are as follows:



Administration provides for the overall operation of the District, including bylaws and policies, financial management, and is the first point of contact for ratepayers, businesses, and visitors.


Lakeland District Protective Services

Lakeland District Protective Services, or Protective Services as commonly referred to, deals with matters affecting public safety and compliance of the laws and bylaws within the municipality.


Planning & Development

Planning & Development is responsible for matters affecting development, building and construction and the implementation and adherence to the Official Community Plan, and applicable Bylaws.


Public Works

Public Works is responsible for roads, landfills and lagoons, garbage collection, beaches, public reserves, drainage systems and signage.


Emergency Management Organization (EMO)

They’re responsibilities include establishing a municipal emergency plan governing the provision of necessary services during an emergency and overseeing emergency measures awareness and planning in the District.


General Policy & Information