In attendance: Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Karen Bosker, Dane Byers, Keith Dahl, Karee Davidson, Wayne Hyde, Daryl Jessop, Tom Laxdal, Marcia Klein & Jacquie Moore.

There has been no evidence of Zebra Mussels in the District of Lakeland for 2019.  All the data collected with the Mussel monitoring program (May- September) was sent into the Provincial data base.

The design and format for the 2020 Environmental Pamphlets have been put into motion.  Possible topics were discussed including the design of a fridge magnet for mail out along with the Environmental pamphlets to all Ratepayer’s with the tax notices in June.

The Effective Communication presentation was very good with some ideas and actions the District might do to educate and involve more people in the area.  The presenters suggested the following ideas:

  1. Proposed changes to the EAC website. For example, using some professional photography of the area, and updating the EAC links with past and present information about Environmental projects.
  2. More activities to engage Ratepayer’s and visitors in the area.  Examples of this would be to:
    • a) Develop a Lakeland App,
    • b) Spring/Fall area clean up on a neighbourhood basis,
    • c)  Have an environmentally friendly District BBQ by encouraging people attending to bring their own plates, cups and cutlery,
    • d) To engage school children in environmental projects in the District.

Over the last 2 years the Emma Lake Nutrient Study has collected a lot of data.  The findings to date indicate that lake transparency has decreased from 2011 to 2019.  It will be recommended that the study continue for another year before the data is published.  The third year of the study would focus more on water sampling.

The District Environmental Management Plan will continue being reviewed in 2020.

Respectfully submitted by,
Karen Bosker (Chair)