Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes, and a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.

Information Pamphlets

Asian Tapeworm

The Asian tapeworm is an aquatic intestinal parasite that can infect freshwater fish, particularly in species of carp. This tapeworm can reduce body growth, cause anemia and eventually mortality in infected fish by absorbing the nutrients from its host.

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Silver Carp

The silver carp is a fast growing fish that can be found in backwater habitats and channel borders with low velocity. This invasive carp is a threat to native species as they compete for plankton, including microscopic
plants and animals.

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Rusty Crayfish

The rusty crayfish is an invasive crustacean that prefers bottom substrate of clay, silt or gravel with objects for protection such as logs and rocks. This is a very aggressive crayfish with a high tolerance for extreme water temperatures ranging from 0 degrees C to 39 degrees C.

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Northern Snakehead

This species of fish is native in rivers of China and Siberia. It prefers relatively low maximum air temperatures (5-18oC) and can tolerate up to 193 annual frost days.

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Eurasian Watermilfoil

The Eurasian watermilfoil is a fast growing, submerged, perennial, aquatic plant that can be found growing in water as deep as 10 metres, but 1 to 3 metre depths are preferred.

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Information Brochure for Lakers

Lakes and waterways in the District of Lakeland are intensely used, therefore it is imperative to be safe, cautious, and courteous. Please read the following pamphlet as a reminder of some Dos and Don'ts to help ensure a pristine environment and show respect to other...

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2017 Information Pamphlet

Regarding Zebra & Quagga Mussels; Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer; ATVs in Lakes are Illegal; and Dark Sky Lighting. Printer Friendly Version

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