Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & McPhee Lakes, and a portion of the Boreal Forest Region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Health Advisory – Removed

This post kept up for record-keeping. It has been noted by GBHPP that the blue-green algae has dissipated, so Public Health has advised that that any Advisory notices can be removed.  

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Tips for Healthy Lakes & Recreation

There’s something about the shorelines of lakes that draws us, inspires us, and fascinates us. We all love to recreate, reconnect with nature, and spend time with our family and friends around water. We use our lakes for source water, weekend getaways, and certainly recreation. From hiking, and wildlife viewing to boating and fishing. We need to remember that what we do at the lake can impact lake water quality, shorelines, and wildlife. Let’s work together to keep our lakes healthy!

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Lakeshore Erosion

Erosion along shorelines can be caused by natural events (wind, water, and ice) or human activities. Although, human disturbances cause more rapid and far worse impacts to shorelines than natural events. According to a University of Michigan study, we cause 10 times...

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Swimmer’s Itch

What is swimmer’s itch? What are the symptoms of swimmer’s itch? If swimmer’s itch occurs on a lake, does that mean that the lake is polluted?

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Dealing with leeches. Can you get rid of leeches in your swimming area?

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Lake Foam

What causes the foaming of surface waters on lakes? Where is lake foam found and what it’s like?

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