Serving Emma, Christopher, Anglin & Mcphee Lakes, Elk Ridge Resort & Boreal Forest Region

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Report an Incident

We are located in the heart of Saskatchewan lake country, serving the residents in and around Emma, Christopher, Anglin, and McPhee Lakes. The municipality is only 15 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long, beginning at Christopher Lake and extending north to Timber Cove.


Recent Posts

November 23/2019 Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) Report

There has been no evidence of Zebra Mussels in the District of Lakeland for 2019.  All the data collected with the Mussel monitoring program (May- September) was sent into the Provincial data base. The design and format for the 2020 Environmental Pamphlets have been put into motion.  Possible topics were discussed including the design of a fridge magnet for mail out along with the Environmental pamphlets to all Ratepayer’s with the tax notices in June…

Shoreline At Work – The Natural Edge Program

The Shorelines at Work Demonstration Site is part of the project “Emma Lake Action & Understanding”. The 3,600 ft2 site is located at Emma Lake, north of McIntosh Point along Agnes St. The site is open to the public and embraces natural shorelines while serving as public access for snowmobiling and dock access. Its goal is to promote the benefits of native vegetation along shorelines and to inspire others to plant more native species on their properties. Prior to planting, the site had significant erosion and monoculture grass.

2019 Newsletters

The quarter-annual newsletters from District of Lakeland and the LDPS Newsletter of 2019. Information on lake water quality and various signs of an unhealthy lake, a reminder about trading in old dock plates, and a reminder about bears. Clarification on who to call in various cases, and information on our parking and noise bylaws. Details on the fireban, fire safety tips and how to Firesmart your home, information on sorting waste. Introducing Waste and Recyclable Management bylaw, tips for recycling, how to Firesmart your home, and our Natural Edge program. Information on garbage bin inspections, new transfer station location, and the new PAD program.

2018 Newsletters

Four newsletters released in 2018. In response to the storm in July 2018, resources for how to handle damages and other emergency services. Clarification about garbage and recycling, preparing for winter, and lakeshore development. Community safety and crime prevention, as well as reminders about snowmobile laws, and how to report online. Snow removal and snow dumping practices, safety tips for winter hikers, and a reminder to pay those end-of-year taxes.

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