The District of Lakeland #521 intends to undertake improvements to the portion of Neis Drive adjacent to 236 Neis Drive to 344 Neis Drive and to the intersection of Neis Drive and Janice Place. The construction will be completed in 2021.

Public meeting will be held on June 26th at 10am. The meeting will be held on Carruther’s Crescent at the start of Neis’ Drive. You can read the agenda here.

This work is being undertaken with the following expected benefits:

  1. Provide parallel parking on cabin side along most of road upgrade.
  2. Widen the road to 6.2 meters to meet requirements of emergency services including Provincial Wildfire Service, LDFD, Parkland Ambulance, and LDPS.
  3. The road upgrades allow water trucks, sewer trucks, waste removal trucks and District of Lakeland maintenance equipment to pass without pulling into driveways.
  4. Construction of a drainage ditch on the north east side of Neis Drive will allow snow and rain water to move along the ditch to the WSA channel, instead of it mowing along the road surface. This should eliminate many of the recurring potholes.
  5. Where ground slope allows, the Public Reserves between the cabins will be used to drain water from the cabin side roads.