Concerning Anglin Lake Property Owners

From 400 to 410 Francis Street; 401 to 501 Channel Crescent; and 102 to 110 Francis Street.

Notice has been provided from the District of Lakeland #521 to the owners of the above noted Anglin Lake properties of the District of Lakeland # 521’s intention to complete the following roadworks:

  1. Deepen, widen and move the ditch toward the east side of the road allowance along 501 Channel Crescent;
  2. Lower culvert to the back alley by 417 Channel Crescent;
  3. Construct a ditch on the east side of 414 Francis Avenue; and
  4. Install a culvert feeding into the ditch along 501 Channel Crescent.

This work is being completed in order to achieve the following benefits:

  1. Drain standing water that flows into east side of 414 Francis Avenue from 2 roads and other lots to the lake.
  2. Prevent potholes from forming on the road by 414 Francis Avenue.
  3. Drain water accumulating at the back alley from several lots between 417 Channel Crescent and 414 Francis Avenue.

The construction would be completed in 2021.

Please forward any questions or concerns to office@lakeland521, Attn: Ernest Locke