– Final reading was done for Bylaw No.14-2016 Council Code of Ethics (a new provincial requirement required by February 23, 2017).

– Held a public hearing related to a discretionary use application for a greenhouse on the Gust/DiPaolo property. No written or verbal submissions were received from surrounding ratepayers; subsequent to the closing of the public hearing the application was approved.

– District Special Constables have been appointed as Deputy Enforcement Officers under The Wildlife Act for the purposes of providing assistance in the provincial park jurisdiction, namely Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.

– Set 2017 Council meeting dates: January 9, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 5, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 16, November 13, December 11.

– Administration will send a letter to the City of Prince Albert regarding the proposed boundary change for the Wapiti Regional Library, and the potential impact on the region especially as it relates to provincial funding.

– Approved the 2017 Fire Services agreement with the Lakeland and District Cooperative Volunteer Fire Department, and appointed Chris McShannock as Fire Chief for 2017.

– Approved 2017 salary grids and staff salary increases.

– Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) co-ordinator Leslie Tuchek provided an update regarding a training exercise to be held on January 5, resourced by the City of Prince Albert Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and City Manager. Volunteers are always needed for this important role in our community; please contact the District Office if you are interested in volunteering.

– Administration provided information about the issuance of warning notices to 73 residences regarding garbage bins. Bylaw 16-2013 (Collection and Disposal of Waste) states that garbage bins are to be moved off the travelled portion of the road following weekly collection. It is very difficult to provide proper road maintenance and snow removal if garbage bins are stored too close to our roads. It is acknowledged that moving garbage bins after the Monday morning pickup may be difficult for some residents if they are away for the week. Alternatives include asking a neighbour or friend to move the bin back, utilizing one bin between two or more neighbours (with someone responsible to move the bin off the road), or taking your garbage to one of the bear proof bins located at Murray Point, Sunnyside, Ambrose Recycle Compound, Bells Beach and Anglin Lake. In addition, residents are asked to provide a small storage platform that is level and off the road so that bins are properly located.

– Ratepayer concerns were primarily related to icy roads and garbage pickup.

While the contact information for Council members is on the website and/or available through the District office, we encourage you to contact the District office if you have a concern or require municipal services (and saying thank you for good service is always appreciated as well) so that it can be addressed in a timely manner.