District of Lakeland Emergency Measures Organization would like to offer some information as we prepare for power restoration. Even after the power has been restored, you may experience power outage of short duration as lines more damages lines are found and are repaired. You can follow SaskPower outage updates here.

Protect your electronic items:

When the power comes back on, the electrical power surge can damage unprotected electronics. To protect your electronics:

  • Unplug all electronics and electronics or ensure they are on a good surge protector
  • Plug these items in after power has been up and stable for at least ½ hour
  • Turn the breaker off on heavy power draw items such as:
    • Air conditioners
    • Furnaces
    • Electric Water heaters
    • Stoves
    • Freezers & fridges

This will help to reduce the immediate demand on the power grid as power is restored.

Food Safety – If in doubt throw it out

After power has been restored, check your fridges and freezers. You can follow Sask Health Authority’s guide on food safety after an extended power outage.

Disposal of spoiled food:

  • Use the bins at the District’s Transfer Station that have been assigned for food waste due to the extended power outage. Transfer station hours and location here.
  • Please take your items to the Transfer Station directly. Do not use your roll out bin or overload the communal bear proof bins with this food waste.

Cellular & Data Use

  • Please continue to minimize your non-essential cellular and data usage until all services are back up and fully functioning.

The Fireban is still ongoing.

You can read the details here.

The District would lake to thank you for your patience throughout these trying days.