I would like to extend a Happy New Year to all our ratepayers and other readers of this blog. This month, rather than speaking of current issues, I would like to pay tribute to our administrator, Dave Dmytruk and the staff of our District.
I am the only member of council and Tracey and Jarret are the only two staff members who were part of the RM of Lakeland in January of 2010. At that time four staff members were crammed into the little yellow house that served as our municipal office and council met around folding tables in the basement library. Council was treated to the musty odour of mould and the odd mouse who would scamper across the floor for entertainment value. The staff were shoulder to shoulder upstairs with little room to move or provide service to our ratepayers.
In mid January the search for an administrator commenced. I had made plans to spend the month of February in Arizona, so that left Deputy Reeve Gange and Tracey to hold fort. Dave was interviewed in late March and accepted the position to begin in April.
In less than four years since April of 2010, we have a professional, well trained staff; a new comfortable office and library; written policy and procedures; a boat dock initiative that is a model for the entire province; the civic addresses have been implemented; we have started purchasing our own equipment (vehicles, grader and backhoe); a website that is working well to communicate with our local and distant ratepayers; and a complete and practical EMO Plan. Soon to be completed is a Strategic Plan as well as new mapping of the District. Both of these projects will soon be available on our website. In 2014 a new shop will be built located on the road to our landfill as well as purchasing some additional equipment.
This has been accomplished without borrowing or a major increase in our tax levies and we have continued to add to our reserves.
Credit for this list of accomplishments goes to all members of council who served during this time as well as our administrator and his dedicated and well trained staff. So thanks goes to Dave, Tracey, Mandy, Charlene, Elizabeth, Jarett, Dale, Ernie, Len, Craig, Gerry, Don, Sid, and Maurice.