This week you will have received an envelope from the District that contained a revision to our Zoning Bylaw. Please take time to review this material, as this will be our bible as far as new developments are concerned for quite some time. Council has given this bylaw first reading in April and will hold a public hearing during our regular council meeting on May 15th at 10:00 AM. Any comments or concerns can be brought to that meeting or sent to the office by letter or email prior to the meeting. All submissions will be reviewed by council prior to proceeding with these amendments.

Also in that envelope is another edition of information prepared by our environmental advisory committee. This one addresses water quality and what we can do to continue to maintain, as well as, enhance the quality of our water. These are simple rules to follow – and our grandchildren will be the beneficiaries, so let’s do our part. This committee is in the process of hiring a summer student from the University Department of Environmental Studies to do further research on water quality. This research will be an addendum to the District Environmental Management Plan that was prepared last year. We are indebted to this committee for the good work that they are doing on a continual basis.

The last item in the envelope is the 2015 Information Package that was prepared by the office. This has a huge amount of information and should be read by all ratepayers. Special thanks to Charlene Goodwin who prepared this package with assistance from the balance of the District Staff. Of special note is information about refuse collection this year and the changes that we have made to solve some of the garbage bear problems. But understand, your garbage is your responsibility until Greenland makes the pickup on Monday morning. Remember that is every Monday including holidays.

I also wish to highlight that council has decided to spray a chemical (BTK) to control the Forest Tent Caterpillar this year. This program is budgeted to cost the District approximately $92,000.00 or $45.00 per property. The aerial spray will take place in the early morning hours around May 18/19. The Provincial Parks and the Village of Christopher Lake will join in this project. We are a tourist destination with a very short season and for the enjoyment of our ratepayers and guests we have decided to make this expenditure. Last year the infestation was quite severe, and our consultants are expecting increased numbers this year. Our businesses, including the golf courses need trees with leaves to attract customers.