The November 9th, 2022 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.  Council member contact information is under Council Members.


  • EAC attended Council with their summer student, Sukhman Sundu, and provided a presentation. They worked on compiling information and water testing with their main focus being water quality and understanding existing conditions and trends on Emma Lake.  The main issue discovered is Eutrophication which is excessive nutrients that enter into the lake which then causes dense plant growth creating a lack of oxygen for the animals.  She also explained that there are also a number of factors that are affecting eutrophication which are fertilizers, shoreline development, run-off, land clearing, and boat traffic.  Education such as lake-friendly boating, encouraging shore-line vegetation, and reducing fertilizer will help with water quality.

Reports, Discussion, and Actions:

  • Building/Development monthly permit report was received.
  • Public Works provided an update on Trees, Beaches, Roads, Equipment, Transfer Station, Lagoons, and Snow.
  • Protective Services provided their monthly report and provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • Administration provided an update on the latest staff meeting and training for Service Tracker.
  • Discussion was held about revising the Terms of Reference for the Property Maintenance Appeal Board and about the clear-cutting of residential lots.

Comments or concerns should be submitted through the District office 306.982.2010; email ; or reported through Service Tracker.  They are reviewed by staff regularly, and monthly by Council.