Council had a chance to have Kevin Spelay, Regulatory Affairs Manager, SaskTel attend it’s October 5, 2020 Committee Meeting by phone.  Kevin provided an overview of the proposals for Anglin Lake as well as the one for Christopher and Emma Lakes to bring a High Speed Internet Service via DSL dedicated line.  The following audio clips include an overview of the proposals and answers to the listed questions.  The FAQ will be updated in due course.

Overview of Proposal


How is DSL 10 Mbps different from the same speeds delivered by satellite or LTE?


How are the lines being installed?


Does this use existing phone lines?


Is there a cost to bring this into my house?


Aren’t there grants available to bring this in?


Will there be a public hearing, what are other communities doing?


How long before MaxTV or higher speeds? Are we going to match the CRTC federal mandate of 50/10 Mbps?


What about fiber-optics? Isn’t DSL outdated technology?


What are the speeds on fiber-optics? What are the advantages to ratepayers?


Location-Specific Questions

In Anglin Lake, would lines be overhead or underground?


Is this service planned for rural Lakeland, the Highway #2 corridor?


What is available currently on Bell’s Beach/Spruce Point?


What about the seasonal campgrounds?


Is this related to the tower being installed between Murray Point and McIntosh Point?