Letters for renewal have been mailed to 2020 licence holders as of March 15th, 2021. The renewal fee is $70 if paid before April 30th.

Payment may be made in person at the District of Lakeland, by e-transfer or mail in your form and payment.  Once the completed form and payment is received, you will be issued your validation sticker.  If you are also wanting a Great Blue Heron Provincial Park endorsement sticker those will be provided at the same time.

Although this new ATV bylaw has just come into effect in 2020, we are hearing the great comments that the jurisdictions are making our recreational area more friendly to the sport of recreational ATV’ing.  A steering committee has met to discuss how we can advance ATV use in the area responsibly while balancing each jurisdictional requirement, their strategic plans and environmental stewardship responsibilities.  Discussion has also taken place improving signage, improving the terrain of the ditch, and improving the bylaw.   Plans are in place to improve the area maps to help navigate lawful areas to operate.

As a reminder, please continue to be mindful of the following;

  • Please operate within your means, with due care and attention to your surroundings.
  • Be respectful to other people and the environment.
  • BE SAFE! It is mandatory to have a prescribed helmet and eye protection.
  • Operation of any ATV on a Provincial Highway is NOT permitted.
    • Please stay off of highways 2, 263, 264, 952 and 953.
  • Check with other municipal jurisdictions prior to riding to ensure you are operating lawfully.
  • You should be able to produce, on demand, your drivers licence and proof of insurance if stopped and asked for that information.
  • Your plate must be firmly affixed to the rear of your ATV and visible. Much like a vehicle plate.
  • Follow all traffic laws, including indicating your intention to stop, or turn. The maximum ATV speed allowable or roads is 20 km/hr.
  • Only operate an ATV with the manufactures allowable amount of people.
  • Operation of an ATV on municipal roads is prohibited one hour after sunset to one hour prior to sun rise.
  • ATV operation is NOT permitted in parking lots, boat launches and, on several streets in Lakeland.
  • Operating in contravention of the bylaw or Act could result in your ATV being seized.
  • Your plate expires April 30 each year and should be renewed prior to that date. It cost more to renew late!

You can read the bylaw here, and for new plate holders, last year’s FAQ is here.