EAC met on Saturday, March 9th, 2019.  In attendance were Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Karen Bosker, Keith Dahl, Karee Davidson, Wayne Hyde, Daryl Jessop, Marcia Klein and Jacquie Moore.

A SK Polytechnic presentation and update was provided by Kevin Benmerrouche and Dave Halstead on the Emma Lake Water Quality Project.

Wayne Hyde provided a document on the volunteer time and costs incurred with the project.

A draft of the 2019 environmental pamphlets was provided by Karee Davidson and Jacquie Moore for the Committee to look at and provide feedback on them.  It was recommended postponing making the  magnets with the District of Lakeland website on them until the EAC website is more user friendly.

Karee and Jacquie provided a printed outline of suggestions to make the website more easily navigated.

Vacationland News has agreed to give Jacquie an opportunity to do 6 write ups on the environment free of charge.  Suggested topics for the write ups are: 1) Natural Edge Program, story featuring one or more people who have gone ahead and used the program (Barb Gibson, Guise Beach),  2) Water Quality testing on the lakes since 2011 (Wayne Hyde, Kevin Benmerrouche and Dave Halstead),  3)  Landfill/Waste Management,  4)  environmentally friendly insect prevention- Mosquito Buzz,  5)  wildlife rehabilitation (Leslie Tuchek),  6)  history of the area (Elinor McNeil , Carwin Park and Don and Donna Bailey, Bell’s Beach).

Submitted by,

Karen Bosker (Chair)