EAC met on Saturday, June 8th, 2019. In attendance were Cheryl Bauer-Hyde, Karen Bosker, Keith Dahl, Karee Davidson, Wayne Hyde, Daryl Jessop, Marcia Klein, Tom Laxdal. Regrets from Jacquie Moore.

Wayne Hyde reported that our SK Polytechnique student Landen Farber is on the lake daily gathering data and recording it for the second year of the Emma Lake Nutrient Study. The project will progress to using a plankton net to obtain measurement of the effect boat traffic has on water clarity. Plans for lake surveys and bird counts were also discussed.

Five thousand environmental pamphlets were printed this year. The pamphlets have been mailed to every ratepayer in the District with the tax notices. The Committee will take pamphlets to businesses and campgrounds in the District for distribution to residents of surrounding municipalities and visitors in the area.

Mussel monitors were attached to the Anglin, Christopher, Emma and McPhee Lake launch docks on the May long week end. They are monitored monthly by volunteers and the data submitted to the Provincial Government.

The Committee received a Fire Smart update on initiatives throughout the District, and federal funding program recently approved for crown land including areas identified by the Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.
EAC has agreed to review the District Management Plan annually to make sure that the plan is being implemented.

Submitted by,
Karen Bosker (Chair)