EAC met in Council chambers on March 10th /18. Attending the meeting were: Terry Neefs, Karee Davidson, Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Wayne Hyde, Keith Dahl & Karen Bosker.

We developed our on line survey questions. Terry Neefs led this discussion and recorded the survey questions. He will send out the survey Draft to EAC for further discussion at our next meeting.

It was decided to purchase the Survey Monkey program for $288.00 for a yearly subscription as a platform for the survey.

Wayne Hyde updated the Committee on the Emma Lake Nutrient Study. He is working with NSRBC (Northern Saskatchewan River Basin Council) and Sk Polytechnic doing grant applications for extra funding.

I have received the updated SENS (School of Environment and Sustainability) application forms. I let them know we are interested in working on a future project. They are aware we are working with SK Polytechnic at this time.

I have submitted the EAC write up to the ELCA (Emma & Christopher Lakes Association) that will go in the ELCA section of the 2018 Vacationland News Cabin Stuffer.

Reported by, Karen Bosker