EAC met in Council chambers on February 10th, 2018. Present at this meeting were Wayne Hyde, Terry Neefs, Keith Dahl and myself.

Daryl Jessop had sent in a written report about an incident of an ATV in the water at Murray Point. Our Lakeland Protective Services (LDPS) and Bonnie Greene (Conservation Officer) had been contacted regarding this incident. There was no ticket issued for this infraction from LDPS or Bonnie Greene even though pictures were sent in with the ATV in the water. As EAC members we wanted to understand why a ticket would not have been issued for this infraction. Daryl Jessop agreed to look into the incident for us. Daryl learned after speaking to both LDPS and Bonnie Greene they could not issue a ticket because there is no legislation that has a specific charge section for driving an ATV in the lake. The Federal Fisheries & Park’s Act would require someone to prove there was destruction of fish habitat which would be almost impossible to do without scientific data. Terry contacted Gordon Locke from Parks and more (No ATVS) signage will be assigned this summer. This will help with enforcing ATVS in the area.

Terry had submitted a brief report about the Spruce Beetle. His report indicated Parks has removed many mature infected trees in the Park and have traps deployed. I mentioned that Ernie Locke is also working with the Park on behalf of the District to combat the problem.

I have contacted School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) and let them know there is no project for them right now as we are engaging SK Polytechnic in the Nutrient Study on Emma Lake.

The Emma Lake Nutrient Study, approved by Council at our February meeting, is proceeding with Wayne as lead working with SK Polytechnic. The Committee agreed that we should share the project with the public. Wayne will put together an informational note to put on our District web site.

Future EAC Committee meetings will be held the Saturday before Council meeting with the exception of July 7 or if a meeting isn’t needed.

Submitted by Karen Bosker