EAC met on Saturday, August 26th/17 in Council Chambers. All committee members were present. Our Reeve Cheryl Bauer-Hyde was also in attendance.

I have contacted the U of S School of Environment and Sustainability to indicate our interest in remaining on the contact list for next years student selection process.

Terry Neefs guided the committee through the communication and scoring priorities 5 through 13 of the District’s Management options. Terry will update the spreadsheet for our committee and Council. We will finish this process in the next meeting.

John Stauffer has asked for all Mussel Monitors to be checked for the last time this year and handed in. All reports are to be entered online for this year to the Adult Invasive Monitoring web site for 2017. (AIMM)

Our next meeting will be on November 4th/17 at 9 a.m. in Council Chambers.

Submitted by Karen Bosker (Chair)