I would like to thank Deputy Reeve Bauer-Hyde for looking after the January and February council meetings while we took a break from this long cold winter.
We are still working with Saskatchewan Environment to obtain a lease of approximately 5 acres along the road to the Emma Lake landfill. We wish to use this land to build a municipal compound which will include a maintenance shop. We had planned on using the land near Ambrose grocery but abandoned that site due to concerns of both size and former usage. We will complete the shop this summer.
We have requested proposals from engineering companies to prepare a report on municipal infrastructure, in particular the landfill and lagoon systems. Proposals have been received and they will be turned over to the environment committee for study.
The District Planning Commission which encompasses the Village of Candle Lake, District of Lakeland and the RM of Paddockwood has been approved and all new subdivision proposals will be referred to this commission before going to the originating municipality. Deputy Reeve Bauer-Hyde and Robert Thurmeier are Lakelands’ representatives on this commission.
Council has made new appointments to the Property Maintenance Appeal Board. The Board now consists of two members of council, Cheryl Bauer-Hyde and myself, and four members of the community, Ray Johnson, Doug Hopkins, Peter Schroeder, and Jamie Poole. This committee will be meeting in early March to select a Chairman.
The Library in our office building in Christopher Lake has seen increased circulation and as a result Wapiti Regional Library has extended the number of hours per week that they will fund. The District of Lakeland, Village of Christopher Lake and fundraising efforts by the Library all add to the hours of service provided to the community. The new hours for the season are from 1:00 – 7:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday, and 10:00 AM to 2:00PM on Saturdays. Remember under the new SILS program you are able to use your local library card to borrow or return books from any other Saskatchewan library.
Council has established Friday, May 16, 2014 for a Public Hearing to obtain input from the ratepayers on several initiatives that are before the Council for consideration; application from Sunset Bay Resort to expand their existing Commercial Marina operation; application from various Sunnyside ratepayers to establish a community dock on municipal reserve; closure of access onto Cuelenaere Drive from Highway #263 as well as minor zoning bylaw amendments. Ratepayers will be advised accordingly through public advertising and a direct mailout.
In closing, I would like to remind ratepayers that posting your civic address and removing the old Lot and Block designation is now a requirement. New mapping will soon be ready and will be available in the District Office. The civic addresses will soon be used for dispatching all services in Lakeland and prominent display of your address would be appreciated.