The March 9, 2022 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.  Council member contact information is under Council Members.


  • Rob Pellegrini attended the meeting to discuss communication and the new Environmental Stewardship Bylaw. Mr. Pellegrini raised concerns regarding the lack of communication for public notice of last year’s annual meeting. He felt that there are bigger issues such as water run-off from the road that could be addressed in the Environmental Stewardship Bylaw more so than aqua blasters or septic tanks.
  • John Rayner attended the meeting to address concerns regarding the usage of Public Reserve 12 located at Aspen Ridge. The reserve was approved for a shoreline alteration permit in 2000, and there are concerns regarding the ongoing landscaping of the property.



  • 2nd and 3rd readings were given to the following bylaws:
    • Property Amenity and Standards Bylaw No.7-2022 being a bylaw to provide for the abatement of nuisances and the authority to deal with property amenities, standards, and conditions
    • Municipal Fees Bylaw No. 8-2022 being a bylaw respecting the collection and establishment of fees for Municipal Services
    • Environmental Stewardship Bylaw 9-2022 being a bylaw to implement better practices within a defined lake impact area to balance public safety, environmental stewardship, and public enjoyment of activities affecting the foreshore, shoreland, and lakes

Public Hearings

  • A public hearing was held to receive submissions regarding Bylaw #8-2022 Municipal Fees. There were no written or verbal submissions received.

Reports, Discussion, and Actions:

  • Building/Development monthly permit report was received.
  • Public Works provided an update on Trees, Beaches, Roads, Equipment, Gravel and Dust Control, Drainage, Transfer Station and Lagoons, and Equipment. The District has received 63.5 inches of snow thus far. Public Works is cutting the snowpack and moving snow out of residential areas prone to flooding and moving snow ridges and cleaning ditches. The Transfer Station continues to be located at the shop.
  • Protective Services provided their monthly report, provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • A new payment option will be introduced soon OptionPay. Credit Card payments will be accepted on a user fee pay basis.
  • In-person attendance at Council Meeting is encouraged and the use of the ZOOM platform will be discontinued.

The Division 1 Councillor has resigned and a By-Election has been set for July 2, 2022. Nominations must be received by Saturday, May 28, 2022, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The ATV Bylaw fees schedule has been amended, the new registration fee is $70.00 and the renewal fee is $50.00.

Kim Brons-Hewitt has been hired as Administration Assistant and Tracey McShannock has been appointed Administrator.

Comments or concerns should be submitted through the District office (306.982.2010 or email  They are reviewed by staff regularly, and monthly by Council.