The May 11, 2022 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.  Council member contact information is under Council Members.


  • Kris Haghian and Darrel Kraus with Rural Networks Inc. approached Council letting them know they are a satellite/tower-based internet service provider and will be bringing service to the lower Lakeland area with quality equipment and are hoping their services will be up and running early/mid-July. They offer seasonal packages with security and Wifi features.
  • George Villeneuve approached Council to propose a car wash at Sunnyside located on the same property as Dee’s Confectionary. He will also build an ATV wash, and dog wash, and will use biodegradable products.  The excess water will drain into a septic tank and be hauled to the Prince Albert Landfill.  This will be a year-round service.
  • Lawrence Minshull approached Council asking permission to place a shipping container temporarily on his property at the Sunset Bay Resort. The purpose of the container is to use it as the water equipment rental building as the current building will be under renovation.
  • Gerald Regnitter approached Council asking permission to place a shipping container on his property at 411 HWY #2. The container will be stored by his shop and will not be visible to the general public.
  • Flex Network and Redbird Communications approached Council with their presentation. They provide internet services via high-speed fibre-to-the-premise without wireless solutions.  They will be looking for contributions from the District and they are willing to discuss seasonal rates.


  • 2nd and 3rd reading was given to Bylaw 10-2022 Zoning Bylaw Amendment to amend SECTION 3.3 development not requiring a permit by adding gravel, fences, and accessory buildings under 9.29 square meters do not require a development permit.
  • 1st reading was given to Bylaw 11-2022 Zoning Bylaw Amendment to amend Section 2 definitions by adding car wash to service station.

Public Hearings

  • A Public Hearing was held for the Zoning Bylaw Amendments Bylaw No. 10-2022 and for the discretionary use application from Leroy Evenson for the placement of shipping containers at 326 Kenderdine Crescent. There were no written or verbal submissions for the Zoning Bylaw Amendments.  There was one verbal submission and one written submission for the shipping containers with no objections to the discretionary use.

Reports, Discussion, and Actions:

  • Building/Development monthly permit report was received.
  • Public Works provided an update on Trees, Beaches, Roads, Equipment, Gravel and Dust Control, Drainage, Transfer Station, and Lagoons. The construction of additional parking spots that were proposed at the Spruce Point Boat Launch will begin.  The hiring of Daniel Moerike, Kim Bueckert, and Aaron Heise for the summer season was approved.
  • Protective Services provided their monthly report, and provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • The Emma Lake Wastewater System Project, under Small Communities Fund program, was brought forward from future year spending and approved in order to receive the project’s final payment.
  • A discussion on the future of community docks was discussed.
  • A discussion on the use of municipal reserves was discussed and each reserve will be inspected by Council on May 18, 2022.
  • The 2022 Operating Budget was approved and the mill rate for 2022 was established at 2.15 mills, with a base tax for land at $135, improvements at $600, and property at $600.

Comments or concerns should be submitted through the District office (306.982.2010 or email  They are reviewed by staff regularly, and monthly by Council.