The October 19, 2020 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.

The District COVID measures will continue with:

  • Limited opening of the office to the public in compliance with provincial guidelines around social distancing and cleaning. Electronic communications and scheduled appointments where possible.
  • Emma Lake transfer station accepting sorted materials at no charge for District Ratepayers (at the discretion of the transfer station attendant); open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from
    9am – 4pm (effective November 1 – closed Sunday).
  • Monitoring and adhering to provincial guidelines regarding social distancing, group gathering restrictions, and restricting access to public facilities.

Public Hearing and Delegations:

  • Daryl Tolley regarding the SaskTel survey about the SaskTel Internet Proposals for Emma, Christopher and Anglin Lakes;
  • Fred Roy regarding his request to establish a 96 foot communication tower at 154 Janice Place, Emma Lake
  • Brent Friedt and Seth MacNaughton, SAMA regarding an overview of assessment practices for newly elected Council Members and an overview of trends for the 2021 Revaluation.

Reports, Discussion and Actions:

  • Emergency Measures: The report included an overview of Emergency Measures initiatives underway and a Guide to EM in Lakeland prepared by the Emergency Measures Co-ordinator.
  • Public Works: The report included information regarding closing of the public bathrooms which is required when they are not cleaned on a regular basis due to Covid, roads an update of completed projects, update of progress on the new lagoon, transfer station, landfill, equipment, and occupational health & safety.
  • Protective Services: August statistical report, provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • Building / Development: September and October permit reports. Requests for a variance request approved; the process to begin amendments to the RF and RR1 zones to provide for a higher minimum height for accessory buildings in those zones was approved, a consolidation of two lots at Emma Lake (Marine Drive) was approved; and a request to establish a 96 foot communication tower at Emma Lake (Neis  Beach) was deferred pending notification to neighboring property owners.
  • Administrator’s report included the Action / Motion item report, a summary of the results of the SaskTel survey with options for Council consideration, approval of the revised Public Alerting Policy
    and the Dock Policy and Bylaw that were deferred to the November Council meeting.

Council received and discussed the results of the SaskTel survey. The overall results were 48% favoured the proposal and 52% did not want to see it go forward. The response rate was 55% so there is an unknown portion of 45% that did not respond. For Anglin Lake, there was a separate proposal because Anglin would be done separate from the other two lakes. The Anglin Results were 69% favouring the proposal and 31% not wanting it to go ahead. The response rate for Anglin was 64%. After considerable discussion, Council resolved to proceed with the Anglin proposal and postpone a decision on Emma / Christopher until the November, 2020 meeting. The reasoning for the postponement was for SaskTel to potentially do a revised proposal and to hear from the 45% that did not respond if they still wish to have their voice heard. Two letters were received from Greg Chartier and Dennis and Hildy Richardson regarding the SaskTel Proposals, in addition to the responses related to 1148 properties received. to the SaskTel survey.

Other matters of business:

  • Received communications: PARCS Newsletter and Government Relations bulletin for Amendments to The Municipalities Act.
  • Direction to Administration to prepare draft amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that would permit the use of campers on developed properties as additional living space, under certain conditions.
  • Discussion of a review of the bylaws to ensure the provisions remain relevant to the needs of the ratepayers.

To take place over the winter months:

  • Discussion of potential improvements to the Lion’s Park at Spruce Point, Christopher Lake.
  • Deferral of consideration of options to address requests from property owners in the AN 109 Anglin Lake assessment category.
  • Ratepayer concerns consisted primarily of garbage, trees, drainage, roads, and signage.

Comments or concerns should be submitted through the Council office (306.982.2010 or email They are reviewed by staff on a regular basis, and monthly by Council.