The October 18, 2021 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.  The Council member contact information is under Council Members.


  • Hildy Richardson provided a presentation to Council outlining several water quality issues noted on Emma Lake particularly. She noted that 2021 was one of the hottest, driest seasons her family has experienced in her over 50 years of property ownership at Emma Lake. She expressed concern regarding algae growth on the water’s surface, boat activity, and Aqua Blasters and noted that preserving the quality of the water in our lakes is of primary importance.

Reports, Discussion and Actions:

  • Public Works provided an update on trees, beaches, roads, drainage, landfill and lagoon and equipment.
  • Protective Services: September statistical report, provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • Building / Development: September permit report was received.
    • A request to purchase the undeveloped portion of Burberry Road and consolidate with lots 107 to 119 Burberry Road was denied previously, but a replot is being considered instead. The replot would trade a portion of the road in exchange for a portion of their rear property. Administration will request a quote for the survey prior to proceeding.
    • A request was received and approved for a 10% variance at 108 Kaldor Ave.
  • Council remuneration rates were changed effective November 1, 2021

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