The October 12th, 2022 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab.  Council member contact information is under Council Members.



  • Connie Kenke attended the meeting to discuss the road/drainage in front of her property at 116 McIntosh Point and requested that something other than the mesh that is currently installed be done to fix the problem. Council attended the site and determined they were going to have a concrete swale installed instead of the mesh.
  • Eleanor and Jolene Tarasoff requested that Council allow for golf carts to be used to go to the store and the boat launch. Golf carts are regulated through SGI and are not permitted on municipal roads; therefore, Council is unable to create a bylaw to allow for the usage of golf carts on their roads.
  • Curtis Lemieux attended requesting permission from Council to access the public reserve a few properties down from his to allow for his contractor to do work on his property in the winter once the ground was frozen. Council is allowing access on the public reserve with the requirement of a damage deposit.
  • Dean Pellegrini attended Council requesting an encroachment agreement to allow the asphalt that was laid on the municipal road allowance to remain. Council decided that Dean will have to remove all development that was undertaken off his property.


Reports, Discussion, and Actions:


  • Building/Development monthly permit report was received.
  • Public Works provided an update on Trees, Beaches, Roads, Equipment, Gravel and Dust Control, Drainage, Transfer Station, and Lagoons.  Jessica Georget was promoted to Seasonal Staff Supervisor.
  • Protective Services provided their monthly report and provincial and inter-agency updates.  Authorization to apply for two credit cards with a credit limit of $1000 was given to Tyler Russell and Steven Sabados.
  • Administration provided an update. November 26, 2022, is scheduled for the Christmas Party and the office will be closed all day Friday, October 28, 2022, for a staff meeting and training.
  • Discussion was held about custom work and Air BnB’s. Administration is to research what other jurisdictions are doing in regards to Air BnB’s (short-term rentals).


Comments or concerns should be submitted through the District office (306.982.2010 or email  They are reviewed by staff regularly, and monthly by Council.