The September 13, 2021 meeting agenda and supporting documents are posted under the Council (Meeting Agendas) tab. The Council member contact information is under Council Members.

Public Hearings

  • A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw No. 17-2021 being a bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw to provide for communication towers as a discretionary use; change the authority to grant minor variances and to change the sign requirements for Cannabis operations. The Bylaw was then given 2nd and 3rd reading.
  • A public hearing was held for Bylaw No. 18-2021 being the fee bylaw for various items. The changes from the previous fee bylaw reflect the fees of the new building inspection contractor.  The Bylaw was then given 2nd and 3rd reading.


  • Jeff Summach addressed Council on behalf of the owners of 303, 305 and 307 Derek Place at Clearsand Beach, Christopher Lake. The purpose of the delegation was to express concern about the proposed roadwork that would involve building a road on the road allowance adjacent to these three lots instead of the current road that is within the boundaries of the lots. It was agreed that the owners would provide a proposed access agreement to address the lack of physical access instead of undertaking the work.

Reports, Discussion and Actions:

  • Public Works provided an update on trees, beaches, roads, gravel and calcium, drainage, landfill and lagoon and equipment.
  • Protective Services: August statistical report, provincial and inter-agency updates.
  • Building / Development: August permit report was received.
    • A request to remove parcel ties for a parcel severed by two roads creating two new parcels was approved.
    • A request to purchase a portion of a municipal property at Anglin Lake was authorized to proceed to next steps.
    • The Civic Addressing Bylaw was amended to reflect changes to the addresses within the Organized Hamlet of Elk Ridge and a single address change in Murray Point.
  • Administrator’s report included; Action / Motion item Report; Ratepayer Concerns; and an update of other activities in the office.
  • Annual Council Appointments were made and Council members that were present completed the required annual public disclosure statements.
  • Council remuneration rates was deferred to the October meeting.
  • A review of the base tax bylaw was deferred to the 2022 budget deliberations.
  • A draft Council Governance Policy was deferred pending comment from Government Relations.
  • The Asset Management Policy was approved and Council members were appointed to the Asset Management Steering Committee which will bring back the Asset Management Strategy Report to Council.
  • A request to establish a mooring area by the boat launch at Spruce Point was referred to the Administration.
  • Council received correspondence from ratepayers in the area of Forest Gate and Boundary roads concerned about a proposed project in the adjacent RM of Paddockwood. Council authorized a letter of support for these concerns be sent to the RM of Paddockwood Council.

Comments or concerns should be submitted through the District office (306.982.2010 or email  They are reviewed by staff on a regular basis, and monthly by Council.