Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the District of Lakeland No. 521 intends to adopt a bylaw under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 to amend Bylaw No. 17-2013, known as the Zoning Bylaw and intends to adopt Bylaw No. 16-2020, known as the Recreational Vehicle Accommodation Provisions Bylaw. Click here to read the full RV Bylaw.

Zoning Bylaw Changes


The intent of the proposed amendment is:

  • To add “Height of Accessory Buildings” that the height of an accessory building may be higher than 5 meters at the discretion of Council for Rural Forest and Rural Residential Districts.
  • To delete “Temporary Accommodation and Use” that a development permit is no longer required for temporary occupancy in a trailer coach during the building process.
  • To delete “Storage of Vehicles” that are not in running order in any residential district.
  • To add a bylaw respecting camping in residential neighbourhoods.


The reason for the proposed amendments and the new bylaw is:

  • To allow ratepayers on large parcels of land to possibly build an accessory building that exceeds more than 5 meters in height.
  • To allow ratepayers to occupy a trailer coach on their property while building without a development permit being required.
  • To have provisions for storage of vehicles located in one bylaw not in numerous bylaws.
  • To allow ratepayers to occupy one recreational vehicle on developed residential properties.


Any person may inspect the bylaws at the District Office during regular business hours, by contacting the District Office at 306-982-2010 to make arrangements to be provided with a copy of the bylaws, or by visiting our website at


Council will hold a public hearing on April 8th, 2021 at 6:00 pm by Zoom.  Contact the District Office at 306-982-2010 to be provided with the Zoom information, you can also register to receive that information by email here.  Council will also consider written comments delivered to the undersigned at the District Office before the hearing.

Issued at the Village of Christopher Lake, this 15th day of March, 2020.

Tammy Knuttila, District Administrator