In August, the District of Lakeland did a mailout for Lakeland residents of Emma, Christopher, and Anglin Lake. A survey looking for the interest (or lack thereof) for DSL Sasktel Internet. Due to a typo and miscommunication, ratepayer questions were not answered in full until recently. The office has since put out an FAQ regarding the internet deal, and Council met with Sasktel over phone conference on October 5th. Their responses can be found here

If you are unfamiliar with what this is all about, it’s possible we don’t have a correct mailing address for you, or you aren’t a resident of Anglin, Christopher, or Emma Lake. You can download the (typo fixed) letter here. (Anglin Lake here)

As of today, only 45% of ratepayers have responded.

The purpose of the survey was to get your feedback. Council is making a decision on October 19th, and they want to get as accurate a view of what ratepayers actually want.

That being said, several ratepayers have chosen to verbally harass staff while giving their response. Verbal harassment isn’t tolerated, a simple “yes” or “no” will suffice if your comments involve personal insults to staff or council.